Omnichannel cross-selling made easy
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Smart & Personalized
Multichannel Marketing
making each client feel special

Machine learning based
marketing automation
the best fit offer for each customer

Omnichannel cross-selling made easy
because every customer is unique

Effective customer onboarding
from acquisition to satisfaction


Why Prisma Campaigns?

Today, FIs compete harder than ever for client’s attention.

To do so, they constantly run concurrent marketing campaigns.

Digitalization adds additional complexity to this scenario.

FIs invest time and resources to coordinate and execute these campaigns using inefficient processes.

More often than not, campaigns are generic.

Clients are exposed to the campaign that is “broadcasted” today, not to the most relevant one for their needs and interests.

Results are usually processed once the campaign is over.

Making changes on a campaign is a complex process that frequently requires the intervention of IT.


Prisma Campaigns

The smart omni-channel marketing campaigns solution for financial services

Invest your time in designing marketing campaigns aligned with your clients and business goals, not in executing those campaigns.

Engage users through effective Cross-Channel Communication

Orchestrate your campaigns, through all your online and offline channels, automatically. Use Email, Push, In-App, Web, Sms, ATM, Call Centers, Social Platforms and any other channel to place relevant messages.

Create and manage your campaigns using a simple, intuitive, and centralized campaign repository.

Take the NextBestAction in new campaigns through Machine Learning

Maximize your conversion using the power of Big Data and Machine Learning.

Our industry optimized algorithms define the next best marketing action to make sure you stay always omni-relevant.

Personalize your message to increase user retention

Personalize communications to increase engagement and loyalty.

Contact your clients through their preferred channels, with relevant, personal, and contextual messages.

Optimize your message effectiveness using A/B testing. Increase engagement and gain loyalty.

Save time and costs with real time optimization

Learn from your client's actions, needs, and interests in real time.

Track, analyze, and improve your campaigns, with zero downtime.


What does effective orchestration mean for your clients?

Finovate Fall 2018

Watch this demo-only 7 minute video, with Prisma Campaigns coming back to Finovate's stage at New York, presenting our new version and how to close the gap between marketing and sales, by executing marketing campaigns and acquisition processes from a single platform.

Finovate Spring 2017

We have been selected as one of the proud distinguished presenters at Finovate Spring 2017, taking place in San Jose, California.

Watch our first public demo of Prisma Campaigns.
Finovate conferences showcase cutting-edge banking and financial technology in a unique, short-form, demo-only format.

What our customers say about us

"In addition to the excellent targeted Ad/Offer Banner presentment solution that Prisma delivers, their services also including email, re-targeting, page tracking and more. The quality and technology baked into their offerings, relative to Digital Marketing and Automation, is cutting-edge and top-notch in this space. The back-office administration portal is easy for our Marketing and Web Services staff to utilize and navigate through, and we consume the valuable reporting insights, tips, and tutorials therein."

9B in Assets – StarOne CU

"Prisma is all about agility and real-time results. It enables us to run commercial actions at the right time focusing on our customer's growth. Prisma team's support and creativity have been the key to turning the solution as the core component of our omnichannel communication strategy."

15B in Assets – Banco General

"With Prisma, we were able to deploy omnichannel campaigns in less than 6 weeks with a minimum integration effort. We also increased our campaign management productivity 5 times."

50B in Assets - BCI Bank

"I am excited to be able to find a partner that really takes the time to understand our needs and is flexible in their product design"

700M in Assets - IDBGlobal FCU

Open Ecosystem

+20 cross-technology integrations.
Data providers, core banking, digital channels, CRMs, DW, BI, Analytics and more.

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