What does Prisma Campaigns bring to you?


  • Centralized campaign repository
  • Combined inbound and outbound multi-channel campaigns
  • Multiple HTML5 banners and pop ups per campaign
  • Segmented and personalized banners and emails
  • Dynamic personalization of content based on customer data and specific offers
  • Personalization of messages within the conversion funnel
  • Preview of personalization at design time
  • A/B Testing on banners, e-mails and funnels
  • Automated prioritization of campaigns and messages based on machine learning
  • Centralized outbound delivery calendar
  • Outbound delivery forecaster
  • E-mail templates and landing pages
  • Dismiss campaign and unsubscribe options
  • Simple integration of campaigns on social networks trough referral links


  • Audience management through centralized segments repository
  • Smart targeting based on behavioral information, demographic & other variables
  • Predefined high level conditions for simple segment definition
  • Manual and automatic import of external segmentation data
  • Dynamic addition of new fields to the client's profile
  • Full process management: from lead generation to conversion
  • Dynamic forms for data capture
  • Event triggered campaigns
  • Real time campaign monitoring: views, opens, clicks, leads, conversion rate and more
  • Customer Journey for a centralized timeline analysis of all client's interactions
  • Web Activity Tracking
  • Bi-directional CRM synchronization
  • Data Import & Export


  • Easy integration with external data sources
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for cost-effective integration of multiple channels
  • REST API for advanced integration
  • Funnel extensibility through add-ins
  • Campaign audit log for change tracking
  • Review and approval workflow for campaign content
  • Outbound contact policies
  • Advanced permission model and roles management
  • Security access policies
  • LDAP/Active Directory integration support

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