Orchestrating your marketing campaigns
requires four basic steps:

Capitalize existing customer relations

Prisma Campaigns uses already existing customer knowledge in a more effective way, enabling relevant and personal marketing communications.

Add value through your marketing campaigns

Transform your campaigns in value generating processes for your clients. Design relevant, personalized messages, based on your client explicit (given) and implicit (behavioral) information.

Engage your clients at the right moment with the right message

Offer your clients the products and services that best fit their needs and preferences in a consistent and coherent way across all of the bank’s points of interaction.

Improve loyalty and bonding

Designing your marketing campaigns as value adding processes and engaging your clients with relevant, personal communications you will be nurturing your relationship with them and improving your overall conversion rates.

Define your Segments

Banks and FIs are sitting on a goldmine of information about their customers. Start by understanding your clients needs, interests and behavior in the most effective way.

Prisma Campaigns enables you to leverage all the available information from various sources, such as your core systems, CRM, DW, BI, etc. In addition, it improves your customer knowledge by automatically incorporating behavioral data from ongoing and historical campaigns.

Prisma Campaigns consolidates all relevant information from multiple systems and sources in a powerful Omni-Virtual Customer Profile. This is a deeper and wider view of your clients that includes their interests, needs, and behaviors.

Design your Campaigns

Design relevant, personalized, multichannel campaigns aligning your company products and business goals with the best understanding of your client.

Three simple and intuitive Steps

  • Start by defining name, start/end dates, and target audience for your campaign.

  • Define how your client will engage in the campaign.

  • Define what happens when the client converts.

All your marketing campaigns will be stored in a Centralized Campaigns Repository that represents your bank marketing strategy and business priorities, enabling Prisma Campaigns to execute and optimize them, automatically.

Orchestrate multiple Campaigns

When it comes to prioritize several campaigns for each client, you can trust our NextBestAction engine to identify the right message with the highest conversion probability for every channel. Prisma Campaigns orchestrates the campaigns in a coherent way over all the available channels and interaction points, providing a consistent and personal experience to the client.

Prisma Campaigns's Matching Ranking and Prioritization Engine matches in real time:

  • The client's context (channel, contact point, geolocation, business event, date and time).

  • All the information available in the Omni-Virtual Customer Profile at that time.

  • All the active campaigns stored in the Centralized Campaigns Repository.

Based on all this information Prisma Campaigns defines the Next Best Marketing Action for that client in that specific context.

Analyze in Real Time

Finally, the Next Best Marketing Action is delivered at the right moment, through the right channel.

Prisma Campaigns manages all the communication process from engagement to conversion on all your digital channels. It also supports the integration of activities from non-digital channels such as visiting a branch to sign a contract or sending hot leads to your contact center.